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Policy Unit Hosts Prioritisation Meeting with Stakeholders

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Policy Unit Hosts Prioritisation Meeting with Stakeholders

The Policy Unit of MLW hosted a Prioritisation Workshop on 26th March 2024 in Salima, bringing together stakeholders from the Reproductive Health, Climate, and Clean Energy sectors.

At the outset of the gathering, Dr. Rhona Mijumbi, the Policy Unit Lead, underscored the importance of uniting professionals from diverse sectors and organisations to gain a comprehensive understanding of their initiatives and to determine priorities related to reproductive health, clean energy, and climate efforts. Mijumbi also announced that the meeting marked the launch of the Learning Together to Advance Evidence and Equity in Policymaking to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (LEEPS) project, aimed at enhancing knowledge translation and promoting evidence-informed decision-making institutionalisation in Africa.

Chairing the meeting was Hendricks Mgodi, the National Climate Change and Health Manager at the Ministry of Health, Malawi. Mgodi stressed the significance of the meeting in providing a platform to explore the interconnections between clean energy, climate change, and reproductive health.

“We need to consider the co-benefits of addressing climate change and health. For instance, health facilities should adopt low-carbon waste management systems to mitigate their contribution to climate change. As the Ministry of Health, this project represents a valuable collaboration with the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme and other stakeholders present at this workshop, as well as those interested in participating,” said Mgodi.

The Policy Unit committed to ongoing engagement with various stakeholders in advancing the project and expressed gratitude for their contributions towards the priorities in the reproductive health, clean energy, and climate change sectors.

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