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Successful Networking and Insightful Reflections Highlight CRSU Final Meeting of 2023

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Successful Networking and Insightful Reflections Highlight CRSU Final Meeting of 2023

The final quarterly meeting of 2023 for the Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) marked a notable success, emphasizing efficiency, fostering valuable networking opportunities, and providing enlightening insights for partners with the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme. Held on 15 December 2023, the event saw active participation from staff across Blantyre and Chikwawa, showcasing a collective commitment to the event.

Distinguished representatives from both the Blantyre and Chikwawa district health offices added significance to the occasion. Brian Ngwira, the head of the CRSU department, expressed satisfaction with the positive feedback received during panel meetings with the partners.

Ngwira stressed the importance of external feedback in improving the works of the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme, viewing it as a critical eye-opener for identifying and addressing potential shortcomings. He enthusiastically stated, “We are thrilled with the success of the meeting. The valuable information gathered from partners and internal staff, in an informal setting, is like a free lunch for us. This successful event aligns with our goals, contributing to continuous improvement in our work.”

One of the guests at the event, Aleck Asima, in charge of Ndirande Health Center, highlighted the crucial role of networking in understanding the operations of the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme. He noted the fruitful interactions that provided insights into ongoing studies and fostered improved relationships. Asima remarked, “Bringing together staff and partners has been fruitful in encouraging networking and facilitating informative interaction sessions. This has deepened our understanding of the institution and identified areas for improvement, benefiting our facilities and enhancing our relationships.”

The meeting also recognized outstanding clinical nurses for their exemplary work in 2023, honoring some of the winners Beatrice Chinoko, Madalitso Chiutsi, and Nelson Chasweka. Vera, the chair of the clinical unit, urged other clinical nurses to embrace a spirit of hard work, reinforcing the institution’s commitment to success in clinical research.

Functioning as the overseeing department for scientific studies conducted by MLW, the CRSU plays a crucial role from the approval stage to the study’s closure. The event concluded with a lively atmosphere, featuring drama that emphasised how researchers get consent from participants when conducting studies and the importance of a good relationship with the community, and dancing competitions, providing a temporary escape from the day-to-day challenges faced by attendees.

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