Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme

Social Sciences

Theme Lead
Moses Kumwenda.

Who we are:

A cross-cutting and multidisciplinary team of social scientists from within MLW and affiliated research institutions working together to advance the field of health-related social sciences.  Since the theme will be cross-cutting, it may overlap with other themes.

What we (will) do

  • Create a safe space where social science researchers can develop independent research
  • Provide support to upcoming social science researchers including providing peer support
  • Support other themes and groups which are interested to employ social science research methods
  • Catalyse interest in social sciences research career among junior researchers
  • Strengthen research collaboration with the Kamuzu University of Health Science, regional and International social science researchers
  • Promote visibility of social science research within and outside MLW
  • Support post-graduate research methods training at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences

Current Study

  • Developing “U=U” communication messages in Malawi: Establishing evidence on feasibility and acceptability.
  • Study Acronym: ACCEPTU2U
  • Study Aim: To address the information gap on treatment as prevention (TasP) through developing contextually relevant TasP messaging materials that emphasise “U=U” information targeting HIV discordant couples in order optimise adherence to ART, reduce new HIV infections sero-discordant couples and increase male partner engagement in HIV self-testing, prevention and care.
  • Funder: EDCTP
  • Host: HNTI, KUHES