Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme

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Placental monocyte infiltrates in response to Plasmodium falciparum malaria infection and their association with adverse pregnancy outcomes.

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Pneumococcal disease in HIV-infected Malawian adults: acute mortality and long-term survival.

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Opsonic phagocytosis of Streptococcus pneumoniae by alveolar macrophages is not impaired in human immunodeficiency virus-infected Malawian adults.

Gordon SB, Molyneux ME, Boeree MJ, Kanyanda S, Chaponda M, Squire SB, Read RC,

Severe anaemia in an 11-month-old girl.

Nkhoma E, van Hensbroek PB, van Lieshout L, van Hensbroek MB,

What threat from persistent vaccine-related poliovirus?

MacLennan C, MacLennan J,