Mucosal and Vascular Immunology Group

The Mucosal & Vascular Immunology Group has led the field in translational research that has advanced our understanding of the impact of HIV-1 infection on lung immunity in humans and supported the strategic implementation of tuberculosis (TB) preventive therapy to reduce the high burden of HIV-associated TB in sub-Saharan Africa. We have established one of the best immunology research programmes in Africa with 3 major themes: TB, HIV and Vascular diseases. The Group conducts innovative and impactful clinical research and trains scientists and clinicians to equip them with the relevant skills to address global health challenges. Our current research focus is on mapping and characterising the functions of lung immune cell subsets that play key roles in the immune response against respiratory infections such as TB and pneumonia. Findings from these studies will inform the development of novel strategies to enhance lung immunity and improve control of respiratory infections and HIV-1.