Public Health

The Public Health Group at MLW aims to address the major health challenges facing the people and health systems of Malawi and globally. We focus on densely-populated urban communities such as in Blantyre, where conditions are conducive to the spread of infections and other diseases of poverty.

To understand the burden of disease and identify groups that could benefit most from improvements, we use modern statistical and epidemiological methods that build upon high quality surveillance and survey data, as well as strong partnerships with communities and policymakers. We are interested in how heterogeneity in disease risk and access to care between places and people can inform better-targeted delivery of interventions to improve health.

We evaluate the potential of novel interventions to maximize health benefits and sustainability, while minimizing harms and costs. Recent studies included a randomised trial to investigate the effectiveness of computer-aided chest x-ray diagnosis for tuberculosis, and HIV self-testing to speed up diagnosis in health facilities.