Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme


Professor Melita Gordon

“Professor Melita Gordon is head of the Salmonella research group, and is a clinical scientist and Professor of Gastroenterology, who has worked in Malawi on the problem of invasive Salmonella disease since 1997. The Salmonella group is focused on vaccines to save lives from 2 different clinical syndromes caused by different kinds of Salmonella; blood stream infection caused by Salmonella Typhi, which results in typhoid fever; and blood stream infection caused by other Non-Typhoid Salmonellae (NTS), which cause devastating severe infections in people with HIV, malaria or malnutrition, known as iNTS disease. The Salmonella group has a strong focus on mentoring and training the next generation of clinical and laboratory researchers for Malawi. Professor Gordon is a recipient of the Sir Francis Avery Jones research medal of the British Society of Gastroenterology, a previous Wellcome Trust Fellow,  and is a current UK NIHR Research Professor in Global Health. “