Willy Wotcheni

Willy Wotcheni is a field worker at the Malawi Liverpool Welcome Trust Clinical Research Programme with 4 year’s experience in Research. Currently working with Rotamune study which is investigating immune response in children induced by Rotavirus vaccine under the Virology Research Group. Willy holds a Diploma in Public Health obtained at Skyway University but currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health at the same Institution. He also has an ICH Good Clinical Practice certificate obtained on 01 March 2016 from The Global Health Network. He also worked as a field worker at NLW under Aricost study which was based at QECH from 2015-2017.

His long term goal is to hold a PhD in Public health with the aim of understanding the impact of research at the individual, community and nation level which he believes would help in understanding beliefs and values of research better in communities.