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Elizabeth Tchaiwe Chimbayo, PhD Student


Elizabeth is a highly motivated and ambitious Biomedical research scientist with a strong interest in the immunology of HIV and Tuberculosis infection in endemic areas. She believes that a deeper understanding of the alteration of HIV-specific TCR repertoire in response to chronic inflammation will provide an insight into why HIV-infected individuals are more prone to lower tract respiratory infections. This knowledge could be harnessed in designing immunomodulatory therapies and long-lasting vaccines. Elizabeth has also worked as a Research Associate in the Mucosal Immunology Group from which she developed a solid background in research skills and a passion for science. She was involved in a multicenter randomized controlled trial assessing rapid urine-based screening for TB to reduce AIDS-related mortality in hospitalized patients in Africa. Particularly a sub-study comparing host-immune responses in HIV/TB patients with different clinical phenotypes and outcomes. She also worked with Prof. Henry Mwandumba (MLW) in collaboration with Prof. David Russell from Cornell University on a study of Exvivo use MTB reporter strains to probe the host immune control of MTB infection. She holds a Master of Science in immunology and inflammatory diseases (with a distinction) from the University of Glasgow(UK). She also holds a 2015 Upper second class Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (Hons) from the University of Malawi, College of Medicine. Her short-term goal is to complete her Ph.D. studies and progress in the field of biomedical research. Five years from now, she sees herself as a vibrant independent researcher who together with fellow enthusiastic scientific members will solve some of the current worldwide health challenges through scientifically tailored research. She further aspires to become a research leader and inspire upcoming female scientists to pursue a career in biomedical science.


Currently, Elizabeth Chimbayo is studying Postgraduate research studies in Immunology and Inflammatory Disease with the University of Glasgow under the supervision of Professors Henry Mwandumba (MLW), James Brewer, and Paul Garside (University of Glasgow). Her project is aimed at investigating the impact of HIV and Mtb infections on the diversity and dynamics of alveolar T cell receptor repertoire and its contribution towards the control of active pulmonary tuberculosis in Malawian adults.