Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme

Kennedy Kind Zembere

Kennedy is a Pre-MSc research intern within the Malaria Epidemiology Group at MLW. He secured a highly competitive one-year MLW-funded research internship in Vector Biology (2018-2019). His research interest is in biology and behaviour of disease vectors. He desires to see a malaria-free world by conducting research leading towards the development and application of novel tools that will contribute to the reduction of malaria and other vector- borne diseases.

His current focus is on developing an outdoor novel mosquito sampling trap, the host decoy trap (HDT) and assess its efficiency in sampling outdoor malaria vectors in Chikwawa, southern Malawi. He has previously co-investigated two research studies under the Majete Malaria Project. The first study aimed at assessing the effects of livestock presence on the abundance and behaviour of malaria vectors; the second study aimed at assessing the efficiency of a novel trap, Suna trap, in sampling indoor and outdoor malaria vectors in Chikwawa, southern Malawi.


 During his one-year internship at MLW, Kennedy is working towards securing funding by developing competitive master’s fellowship application to pursue a Master’s in Tropical Disease Biology at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. He also intends to develop and refine his molecular and statistical analysis skills throug MLW’s peer learning and career development trainings.