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Peer-based Promotion and Nurse-led Distribution of HIV Self-Testing Among Networks of Men in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Development and Feasibility Results of the STEP Intervention.

Conserve DF, Abu-Ba’are GR, Janson S, Mhando F, Munisi GV, Drezgic B, Rehani A, Sims W, Ritchwood T, Choko A, Mushy S, Johnson C, Mayo-Wilson LJ, Komba A, Urasa P, Nelson L, Mbita G,

Prevalence, patterns and associated risk factors for dyslipidaemia among individuals attending the diabetes clinic at a tertiary hospital in Central Malawi.

Filisa-Kaphamtengo F, Ngoma J, Mukhula V, Matemvu Z, Kapute D, Banda P, Phiri T, Mipando M, Hosseinipour MC, Katundu KGH,

Neonatal sepsis and antimicrobial resistance in Africa.

Iroh Tam PY, Bekker A, Bosede Bolaji O, Chimhini G, Dramowski A, Fitzgerald F, Gezmu AM, Nkuranga JB, Okomo U, Stevenson A, Strysko JP, African Neonatal Association Sepsis Working Group,

A Randomised Controlled Trial of Nasal Immunisation with Live Virulence Attenuated Streptococcus pneumoniae Strains Using Human Infection Challenge.

Hill H, Mitsi E, Nikolaou E, Blizard A, Pojar S, Howard A, Hyder-Wright A, Devin J, Reiné J, Robinson R, Solórzano C, Jochems SP, Kenny-Nyazika T, Ramos-Sevillano E, Weight CM, Myerscough C, McLenaghan D, Morton B, Gibbons E, Farrar M, Randles V, Burhan H, Chen T, Shandling AD, Campo JJ, Heyderman RS, Gordon SB, Brown JS, Collins AM, Ferreira DM,

Molecular Epidemiology and Assemblage Typing of Giardia duodenalis in School-Age Children Situated along the Southern Shoreline of Lake Malawi, Malawi.

Archer J, Cunningham LJ, Juhàsz A, Jones S, Doull F, LaCourse JE, Mainga B, Makaula P, Kayuni SA, Musaya J, Stothard JR,

Global burden of meningitis and implications for strategy.

Kwambana-Adams B,

Early recognition and management of maternal sepsis in Pakistan: a feasibility study of the implementation of FAST-M intervention.

Ahmed SI, Rind GK, Sikandar R, Raza A, Khowaja BMH, Parveen F, Khan S, Memon N, Jahangir A, Mirza DN, Cheshire J, Dunlop CL, Shakoor S, Barolia R, Sheikh L, Saleem S, Coomarasamy A, Lissauer D,

Correction: The ability of Interleukin-10 to negate haemozoin-related pro-inflammatory effects has the potential to restore impaired macrophage function associated with malaria infection.

Tembo D, Harawa V, Tran TC, Afran L, Molyneux ME, Taylor TE, Seydel KB, Nyirenda T, Russell DG, Mandala W,

Mortality associated with third-generation cephalosporin resistance in Enterobacterales bloodstream infections at eight sub-Saharan African hospitals (MBIRA): a prospective cohort study.

Aiken AM, Rehman AM, de Kraker MEA, Madrid L, Kebede M, Labi AK, Obeng-Nkrumah N, Nyamwaya B, Kagucia E, Cocker D, Kawaza K, Lester R, Iregbu KC, Medugu N, Nwajiobi-Princewill PI, Dramowski A, Sonda T, Hemed A, Fwoloshi S, Ojok D, Scott JAG, Whitelaw A, MBIRA study collaborators,

Shared Decision-making Among Clinicians and Patients With Low-risk Differentiated Thyroid Cancer.

Nkhalamba LM, Hampton T, Mulwafu W,