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“We can’t handle things we don’t know about”: perceived neurorehabilitation challenges for Malawian paediatric cerebral malaria survivors.

Boubour A, Mboma S, Võ T, Birbeck GL, Seydel KB, Mallewa M, Chinguo D, Gladstone M, Mohamed S, Thakur KT,

Neutrophil function is impaired in paediatric patients with malignancy and may be a useful clinical marker.

Reiné J, Cooper K, Sewell A, Lyall J, Thorbinson C, Hincks E, Ferreira DM, Pizer B, Morton B,

Genetic structure and insecticide resistance characteristics of fall armyworm populations invading China.

Zhang L, Liu B, Zheng W, Liu C, Zhang D, Zhao S, Li Z, Xu P, Wilson K, Withers A, Jones CM, Smith JA, Chipabika G, Kachigamba DL, Nam K, d’Alençon E, Liu B, Liang X, Jin M, Wu C, Chakrabarty S, Yang X, Jiang Y, Liu J, Liu X, Quan W, Wang G, Fan W, Qian W, Wu K, Xiao Y,

Reply to: “Revisiting the estimation of hepatitis D global prevalence”.

Stockdale AJ, Hutin Y, Geretti AM,

Establishment of a high-dependency unit in Malawi.

Morton B, Banda NP, Nsomba E, Ngoliwa C, Antoine S, Gondwe J, Limbani F, Henrion MYR, Chirombo J, Baker T, Kamalo P, Phiri C, Masamba L, Phiri T, Mallewa J, Mwandumba HC, Mndolo KS, Gordon S, Rylance J,

Salmonella identified in pigs in Kenya and Malawi reveals the potential for zoonotic transmission in emerging pork markets.

Wilson CN, Pulford CV, Akoko J, Perez Sepulveda B, Predeus AV, Bevington J, Duncan P, Hall N, Wigley P, Feasey N, Pinchbeck G, Hinton JCD, Gordon MA, Fèvre EM,

Vaccine strategies to reduce the burden of pneumococcal disease in HIV-infected adults in Africa.

Thindwa D, Pinsent A, Ojal J, Gallagher KE, French N, Flasche S,

Using genomics to improve preparedness and response of future epidemics or pandemics in Africa.

Chaguza C, Nyaga MM, Mwenda JM, Esona MD, Jere KC,

The use of antibiotics in the intensive care unit of a tertiary hospital in Malawi.

Kayambankadzanja RK, Lihaka M, Barratt-Due A, Kachingwe M, Kumwenda W, Lester R, Bilima S, Eriksen J, Baker T,

Whole Genome In-Silico Analysis of South African G1P[8] Rotavirus Strains Before and After Vaccine Introduction Over A Period of 14 Years.

Mwangi PN, Mogotsi MT, Seheri ML, Mphahlele MJ, Peenze I, Esona MD, Kumwenda B, Steele AD, Kirkwood CD, Ndze VN, Dennis FE, Jere KC, Nyaga MM,