Rosheen Mthawanji

MSc Vector Biology
Research Associate

Rosheen holds a BSc degree from the University of Malawi Chancellor College and an MSc in Vector Biology from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). She is a Research Associate in the Malaria Epidemiology Group under Vector Biology.

Her research interests are insecticide resistance, vector behaviour and control. 

Rosheen’s master’s thesis at LSTM involved looking at malaria vector behaviour at a treated net interface, with specific interest on the way the mosquito behaves at a Piperonyl Butoxide treated (PBO) net and the fitness costs that are exerted on the mosquito prior to  exposure.

Her current research is based in Chikwawa, Kela village, where she will be assessing the effects of the exposure of PBO on the malaria vectors in Chikwawa.