Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Programme


Obstructive Sleep Apnea Awareness among Primary Care Physicians in Africa.

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Delivery of long-term-injectable agents for TB by lay carers: pragmatic randomised trial.

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TB control programmes remain an important gateway to HIV diagnosis in the era of expanded access to HIV care.

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A cross-sectional feasibility study of neurovascular ultrasound in Malawian adults with acute stroke-like syndrome.

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Prevalence and risk factors for latent tuberculosis infection among household contacts of index cases in two South African provinces: Analysis of baseline data from a cluster-randomised trial.

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Maternal Serum Concentrations of Selenium, Copper, and Zinc during Pregnancy Are Associated with Risk of Spontaneous Preterm Birth: A Case-Control Study from Malawi.

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Local and national stakeholders’ perceptions towards implementing and scaling up HIV self-testing and secondary distribution of HIV self-testing by Option B+ patients as an assisted partner service strategy to reach men in Haiti.

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Provider-initiated HIV testing and TB screening in the era of universal coverage: Are the right people being reached? A cohort study in Blantyre, Malawi.

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