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Distinct climate influences on the risk of typhoid compared to invasive non-typhoid Salmonella disease in Blantyre, Malawi.

Thindwa D, Chipeta MG, Henrion MYR, Gordon MA,

Consultative meeting that examined alignment and discrepancies between health facility and household survey data in Malawi.

Battle KE, Gumbo A, Hamuza G, Kwizombe C, Banda AT, Chipeta S, Phiri MD, Kamanga B, Kawonga J, Mafuleka T, Malpass A, Mfune P, Mhango M, Munthali L, Silungwe G, Siwombo M, Twalibu H, Zakaliya A, Kayange M, Taylor C,

Determinants of high residual post-PCV13 pneumococcal vaccine-type carriage in Blantyre, Malawi: a modelling study.

Lourenço J, Obolski U, Swarthout TD, Gori A, Bar-Zeev N, Everett D, Kamng’ona AW, Mwalukomo TS, Mataya AA, Mwansambo C, Banda M, Gupta S, French N, Heyderman RS,

Distinct Biomarker Profiles Distinguish Malawian Children with Malarial and Non-malarial Sepsis.

Kortz TB, Nyirenda J, Tembo D, Elfving K, Baltzell K, Bandawe G, Rosenthal PJ, Macfarlane SB, Mandala W, Nyirenda TS,

Treatment responses to Azithromycin and Ciprofloxacin in uncomplicated Salmonella Typhi infection: A comparison of Clinical and Microbiological Data from a Controlled Human Infection Model.

Jin C, Gibani MM, Pennington SH, Liu X, Ardrey A, Aljayyoussi G, Moore M, Angus B, Parry CM, Biagini GA, Feasey NA, Pollard AJ,

The significant gap between international standards and stroke management practices at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (Malawi): An audit report.

Gadama Y, Kamtchum-Tatuene J, Benjamin L, Phiri T, Mwandumba HC,

Compensation of subjects for participation in biomedical research in resource – limited settings: a discussion of practices in Malawi.

Nyangulu W, Mungwira R, Nampota N, Nyirenda O, Tsirizani L, Mwinjiwa E, Divala T,

Pneumococcal pneumonia and carriage in Africa before and after introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, 2000-2019: protocol for systematic review.

Kalata NL, Nyazika TK, Swarthout TD, Everett D, French N, Heyderman RS, Gordon SB, Jambo KC,

Improving the estimation of the global burden of antimicrobial resistant infections.

Limmathurotsakul D, Dunachie S, Fukuda K, Feasey NA, Okeke IN, Holmes AH, Moore CE, Dolecek C, van Doorn HR, Shetty N, Lopez AD, Peacock SJ, Surveillance and Epidemiology of Drug Resistant Infections Consortium (SEDRIC),

Lung health and exposure to air pollution in Malawian children (CAPS): a cross-sectional study.

Rylance S, Nightingale R, Naunje A, Mbalume F, Jewell C, Balmes JR, Grigg J, Mortimer K,