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Minimally Invasive Postmortem Intestinal Tissue Sampling in Malnourished and Acutely Ill Children Is Feasible and Informative.

Feutz E, Voskuijl W, Finch PJ, Liu TC, Bandsma RHJ, Tarr PI, Moxon CA, VanBuskirk K, Lawrence S, Umutesi G, Tickell KD, Berkley JA, Walson JL, Kamiza S, Denno DM,

Impact of maternal antibodies and microbiota development on the immunogenicity of oral rotavirus vaccine in African, Indian, and European infants.

Parker EPK, Bronowski C, Sindhu KNC, Babji S, Benny B, Carmona-Vicente N, Chasweka N, Chinyama E, Cunliffe NA, Dube Q, Giri S, Grassly NC, Gunasekaran A, Howarth D, Immanuel S, Jere KC, Kampmann B, Lowe J, Mandolo J, Praharaj I, Rani BS, Silas S, Srinivasan VK, Turner M, Venugopal S, Verghese VP, Darby AC, Kang G, Iturriza-Gómara M,

Reduction in Severity of All-Cause Gastroenteritis Requiring Hospitalisation in Children Vaccinated against Rotavirus in Malawi.

Mandolo JJ, Henrion MYR, Mhango C, Chinyama E, Wachepa R, Kanjerwa O, Malamba-Banda C, Shawa IT, Hungerford D, Kamng’ona AW, Iturriza-Gomara M, Cunliffe NA, Jere KC,

‘Cooking is for everyone?’: Exploring the complexity of gendered dynamics in a cookstove intervention study in rural Malawi.

Ardrey J, Jehan K, Desmond N, Kumbuyo C, Mortimer K, Tolhurst R,

Safe and dignified burial of a deceased from a highly contagious infectious disease ebolavirus: Socio-cultural and anthropological implications in the Eastern DR Congo.

Sikakulya FK, Ilumbulumbu MK, Djuma SF, Bunduki GK, Sivulyamwenge AK, Jones MK,

A novel air-dried multiplex high-resolution melt assay for the detection of extended-spectrum β-lactamase and carbapenemase genes.

Cubas-Atienzar AI, Williams CT, Karkey A, Dongol S, Sulochana M, Rajendra S, Hobbs G, Evans K, Musicha P, Feasey N, Cuevas LE, Adams ER, Edwards T,

Tuberculosis patients at the human-animal interface: Potential zooanthroponotic and zoonotic transmission.

Moyo M, Lebina L, Milovanovic M, MacPherson P, Michel A, Martinson N,

Palliative care and catastrophic costs in Malawi after a diagnosis of advanced cancer: a prospective cohort study.

Jane Bates M, Gordon MRP, Gordon SB, Tomeny EM, Muula AS, Davies H, Morris C, Manthalu G, Namisango E, Masamba L, Henrion MYR, MacPherson P, Squire SB, Niessen LW,

Burden of enteric fever at three urban sites in Africa and Asia: a multicentre population-based study.

Meiring JE, Shakya M, Khanam F, Voysey M, Phillips MT, Tonks S, Thindwa D, Darton TC, Dongol S, Karkey A, Zaman K, Baker S, Dolecek C, Dunstan SJ, Dougan G, Holt KE, Heyderman RS, Qadri F, Pitzer VE, Basnyat B, Gordon MA, Clemens J, Pollard AJ, STRATAA Study Group,

Effect of azithromycin on incidence of acute respiratory exacerbations in children with HIV taking antiretroviral therapy and co-morbid chronic lung disease: a secondary analysis of the BREATHE trial.

Price A, McHugh G, Simms V, Semphere R, Ngwira LG, Bandason T, Mujuru H, Odland JO, Ferrand RA, Rehman AM,